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Featured Salvage Yard Articles

Architectural Salvage

Use this comprehensive guide to locate an architectural salvage store near you.

Some of the "old" houses featured are actually newly built-but they have the patina of age because architectural salvage was incorporated into their design and construction. Salvage centers can be found in most major cities and all regions, offering everything from windows and doors to hardware, plumbing, and lighting, from tile and stoves to unique architectural fragments.

Salvaged Title Cars

Unless you're a mechanically inclined car enthusiast, salvage title cars should be avoided.

Assessing the potential of a salvage car takes experience. When a salvaged title car deal is placed next to other used cars, you can see that you can sometimes save a bundle on one. But is a salvage title deal really a good one?

Salvage Yard Business

A car salvage yard is a repository for automobiles that are no longer functional.

Salvage yards are often referred to as junk or wrecker yards, and also serve as used car parts distribution centers. If you are interested in having your own auto salvage yard, follow these directions for how to build one.

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